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After two days of intermittent contractions I called the office and was able to get an appointment with Dr. Simpson on a Friday afternoon.  I was little nervous about getting chiropractic treatment for the first time during my pregnancy, and about going face down on the treatment table.  Dr. Simpson was obviously skilled in working with pregnant women and showed me how the table was designed to accommodate my big belly.  I was comfortable throughout the adjustment, and am happy to report that my baby was born the next morning.  I had a great labor and delivery (without any medications/interventions -- not even an IV) and only had to push for 17 minutes!

R. Banker, Cary, NC


The Chiropractor Saw It before the MRI

     Dr. LaTanya Simpson is a gifted Chiropractor who cares for her patients from the heart. She and the outstanding staff did an exceptional job in caring for me, a Chronic Pain patient who landed on their door step with a "mystery diagnoses".

    Before becoming Dr. Simpson's patient, I had seen eight doctors and been diagnosed with everything from Fibromyalgia, Amenorrhea, severe Pelvic Pain, IBS, Peripheral Neuropathy, Trigger Points in the muscles, and Anxiety. Aside from physical suffering, I was emotionally worn out and mentally frustrated because out of: a Primary Care Physician, a Rheumatologist, two Neurologist, an OBGYN, an Endocrinologist, a Gastrointestinal Specialist, and a Psychiatrist no one could identify the source of my pain. 
In those thirteen months, of what I call the "mystery diagnoses", it was a medical testing nightmare. 

    Between eight doctors I endured: EMG's, NCV, MRI of the brain, sonograms, extensive blood work, colonoscopy, diagnostic laparoscopic surgery, numerous x-rays, Venous Doppler, TENS unit, physical therapy, biofeedback counseling, Lidoderm patches, and countless prescription medications.  And after thirteen months, I still had horrible pain without a root cause. I felt like if eight MD's could not put the puzzle together then who could?

    Seeking out another doctor was not at the top of my list, especially a Chiropractor.  None of the eight physicians had suggested having my spine examined. However, what they did not suggest, my body did. I began to feel specific spinal pain, and it was not coming from my imagination. When I first began asking family and friends about Chiropractic care, I heard similar comments like: "You better stay away from Chiropractors because they will do more harm than good".

    Family and friends mean well, but they can often be wrong; I'm so glad I did not take their advice.  If I could rewind the last thirteen months, Dr. LaTanya Simpson would have been the first doctor I called. Dr. Simpson actively listened to my long medical history, and then she carefully examined my spine. Based on her level of expertise and ability to accurately review x-rays, Dr. Simpson was the first to discover the source of my pain.

    Dr. Simpson identified several subluxations in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. From the Chiropractic chart, the subluxations began to line up with my many symptoms.  The light had finally dawned on the "mystery diagnoses", and she was able to confirm my symptoms were not a dramatization from a hypochondriatic mind.

    Dr. Simpson worked extremely hard to help me.  There were days when I was so stooped over I could barely get in and out of my car, but she would work on me until I was standing and able to function. Dr. Simpson took excellent care of me for several weeks. When she saw that I needed Orthopedic intervention, Dr. Simpson was upfront and honest.  I appreciate her integrity and the fact that she is honest when she sees a patient needs additional help. Sometimes as patients, we are vulnerable to what is recommended by doctors, the good ones and the bad ones. However, rest assured Dr. Simpson is among the few good doctors who form the cream of the crop.

I declare Dr. LaTanya Simpson to be in that small percentage of "really good doctors" because I have the proof. I have had four MRI's since I went under Orthopedic care, and the results were astonishing.  Every subluxation she saw on the x-rays showed up on the MRI's. This is incredible because my primary care physician ordered additional x-rays of my full spine before the MRI's.  The radiologists who read them actually missed several of the subluxations that Dr. Simpson identified, but the MRI results came back in complete agreement with Dr. Simpson's findings.  Her ability to read the x-rays as accurately as she did takes an incredible gift. She was able to see what only a MRI could reveal on my spine. I do not know any doctor or specialist who could do the same.

With my sincerest appreciation to Dr. LaTanya Simpson, thank you.

T. Page, Durham, NC

I decided to seek chiropractic care after been injured in back to back car accidents. I was left with back and neck pain, migraine headaches, and impeded circulation. Although, emergency medical care was needed along with follow-ups none of the prescription drugs or therapy methods used by my doctors addressed the residual non traumatic health problems that I was still experiencing. I could not stand or sit for more than a few minutes at time without pain or discomfort. I could not turn my head to the right without pain or without turning my upper body. I stayed cold all the time especially my hands and feet and the headaches were never ending.

To compound matters I contracted chicken pox in 2004 for the first time. The infection caused shingles to occur leaving me with Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN), an excruciating nerve pain, causing a sharp deep burning, stabbing, aching pain in my face and left side of my body with extreme sensitivity to touch, cold, and light which becomes more intensified with stress. All basic activity became undesirable.  Taken a shower, combing my hair, brushing my teeth, wearing fitting clothes, watching television or reading caused pain and sleeping became more difficult due to the PHN.

I isolated myself to avoid any physical pain or unnecessary contact and stress that would trigger my PHN. I always had a constant awareness of the pain, for me everyday began and ended in physical pain. I would wake up with a headache; suffer through my daily activities until trying to sleep at night. This became my normal state of existence.
I was told by doctors that I would have to learn to live with my "physical limitations" and take pain medications for the rest of my life if I wanted to "function" because it was only going to get worse as I got older. The mental stress from my limitations and the frustration and isolation lead to depression that persisted until I decided I wanted to live not just "function".

I chose to get chiropractic treatment for my physical limitations in hopes that it would lessen my daily pain that I was experiencing. My first visit to Dr. Simpson in April 2006 proved to be the best decision I could have made to begin my journey back to health. From the first adjustment there was noticeable relief of my symptoms particularly the headaches. My continual chiropractic adjustments have eliminated my headaches and given me more range of motion in my neck and back, and my circulation has improved greatly, no more cold hands and feet. To my surprise my chiropractic treatments has reduced the frequency, duration and intensity of my PHN episodes.

In May of this year, Dr. Simpson introduced me to Cranial Release Therapy. My first CRT treatment seemed strange. I was instructed to lie on my back and relax while Dr. Simpson raised my head touching my chin to my chest while pressing gently on my head for about 3 or 4 minutes. Sounds rather uneventful but the results where anything but with in 15 minutes of leaving the office I began to itch. When I arrived home I noticed red areas on the inside of my arms, legs and chest. I called Dr. Simpson to find out if this was an expected result associated with CRT. She informed me that my body was releasing toxins through the skin which was causing the itching.  After the third CRT treatment there were no more itchy red spots.

I have continued my Cranial Release Therapy and have gained even more noticeable benefits as a result. My overall balance has improved tremendously. I haven't experienced a Postherpectic Neuralgic episode since starting CRT, but the greatest improvement has been in my blood pressure. I've suffered with hypertension for over 6 years. My normal BP range is 147/98 without medication and 125/87 on medication, but has improved to 112/77 after starting CRT treatments.

Cranial Release Therapy has giving me greater mental clarity and has alleviated the fog of depression that lingered. I no longer feel disconnected within myself. Never have my mind and body felt this completely whole.

I have been a patient of Dr. Simpson since April 2006 and under her care and guidance I have regained a quality of life and wellness that I was told was lost to me forever. I am extremely grateful and truly blessed for the understanding, caring and wisdom I found at Academy Street Chiropractic with Dr. Simpson. Chiropractic and CRT has enabled me to live not just "function". Thank you for helping me to smile again and showing me a healthier way to wellness.

Janice C.- Chapel Hill, N.C.


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